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Bad night sleep plays a vital role in headaches. You can improve your condition with proper night sleeping posture. When you choose to sleep in unhealthy sleep posture, your body starts to encounter a different type of unnecessary pressure all around your body.

This kind of condition can lead you to worst head pain.You have to make sure that your spine is in the right position with proper alignment with other parts of the body. However, most of the expert suggests that sleeping in the back is the best choice. But if you don’t find it comfortable then, you also have another option to go with.

Everyone has their own style of sleeping. You should do some change on them if you are facing any type of headache. I will discuss with you the six best sleeping position for headaches. Read them carefully to gain the best benefits from the article.

​Here are the six best sleeping positions for headaches.

1. Back Sleeping Position With Pillow Under Knee

Sleeping on the back is considered as number one position to rest. It keeps your head, neck, and spine in proper alignment. The distribution of your body weight is also essential when you are taking deep rest.

It releases extra pressure from your body, and adding a pillow under your knee increase the potential of the sleeping posture. Put your back on the bed and look up. Don’t try to move your head left or right; keep it straight. You can add a pillow under your knee to improve the balance of your body.

2. Side Sleeping Posture With Pillow Under The Knee

Side sleeping posture is the most popular sleeping posture among us. Most of us do not feel comfortable sleeping on our back, so they go with the next best sleeping position. It is a comfortable position and adding a pillow with it under the knee to increase its potential.

You can go with the right or left side. Both sides are equally beneficial. Roll on your chosen side and pull the top leg slightly and place a pillow under it. It will help you to have a proper night sleep and restore the natural alignment of your body.

3. Fetal Sleeping Position

This sleeping is also known as a baby sleeping position because of its look. It will help your body to keep in a neutral position during sleep. You will feel less pressure on your body, which can help you to relax and get rid of headaches. Pregnant woman and Alzheimer patient can also get help from this sleeping posture.

Besides, the herniated disc problem can also be reduced with the help of this position. Choose a side and roll over to that side. Add a pillow under your head and neck to keep a balance between them. Now, it is time to curve your knees toward your chest so that your body can fall into proper alignment.

4. Front Sleeping Position With Pillow Under The Stomach

Well, sleeping on the front is not the right choice, but if you are bound to your habit, then you should try a pillow under your stomach. While you relax in front, then your spine does not stay in a perfect position. The thing entirely changes when you introduce a pillow into this sleeping posture.

You can also try to avoid head pillow or go with a slightly thin one. Make sure that the pillow has ergonomically curved edges. Overall, if you take these simple steps, then this position of sleeping can also prove beneficial for the relief of your headache.

5. Front Sleeping PositionWith The Head Face Down

Those who sleep in front, sometimes they used to face their head down to the pillow. It is better than twisted your head left and right. When you push your head on a comfortable pillow, then your head pain reduces at a reasonable rate. So, there is a great chance to get rid of night headaches.

Make sure that the pillow that you are using allows proper oxygen circulation so that you don’t feel suffocation. Lie down, roll into the front and place a comfortable pillow underneath your abdominal.

6. Sleeping In A Reclined Position

Always sleeping on the angle is boring and not healthy. Sometimes, you should go with something new. Sleeping in a reclined position to get rid of painful headaches can be significant. Besides, it can also help you with your lower back pain, digestion problem, and stress.

You will find many beds on the market, which allow you to adjust the bed according to your need. Make sure that the angle of the bed is at least 40 degrees. It is always better to rest in a reclined position rather than sitting on the chair.

Pillow & Mattress

Pillow and mattress is an essential part of good night sleep. You should go with something comfortable which is adaptable to different sleeping position. It is better to avoid pillow if you are a stomach sleeper, but you can also go with a thin one for you. The thick pillow is an excellent choice for side sleepers.

You should change your pillow every year for hygienic purpose. There are three different types of mattresses available on the market. You should go with something comfortable and supportive. Experts usually recommended the use of firm mattresses.

Medium firm mattresses are also great to get rid of back pain. Soft mattresses are not so healthy for your body posture because it has the tendency to sink your body, which can hamper your body alignment. A right mattress can be used for more than five years.


Sleep is the best form of rest available. It helps your body to stay fit and healthy. But many of us face different types of problem like headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc. for not having proper knowledge about sleeping posture. In this article, I have discussed about the six best sleeping positions for headaches so that you can have a sufficient understanding of it. I hope you find it helpful. Stay with us to learn and lead a healthy life.

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