Sleep is essential for a healthy life. A sleep without interruption is all you need at the end of a havoc day. Anything that brings peace to your good night sleep is God sends blessings, people crave these.

But if you are someone who wakes up frequently at night to flip your pillow and get the cool side up, then I am sure you get a hard time to get back your sleep, again and again. You search online and retail shops, looking for pillows and mattress that will give you cooler night's sleep. And why wouldn't you? A complete 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is mandatory if you have to attend class the next morning or go to work.

So, in the event of searching for a cooler pillow- you can consider Coop Home Goods Pillow review - Premium Adjustable Loft. This pillow is not only affordable but also adjustable according to the shape and size you want. Plus, if you are someone who gets sweaty, this is the only pillow that you would want to keep your head on. This is not my saying, but the customers who used this pillow have raved so and so.

Features and Benefits

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft is comprised of shredded Visco elastic memory foam. The pillow is designed in such a way that makes the air flow easily inside it. So if you are someone who keeps on flipping the pillow every 2 hours as you sleep, search for it immediately. Not only this, its amazing blend of 60% polyester. 40% bamboo makes it have a breathable surface, making a comfortable area for you to sleep on peacefully. Plus, its triangle design is intriguing too- and why wouldn’t that be, not a whole lot of pillows have such amazing shape!

If you are wondering about the inner case, then don’t worry, it is made with interlock fabric. This fabric is well known for its tight knots and super smooth surface properties.

Adjustable Size

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft is available in three different sizes, King, Queen and Standard. The King size measures in 20 inches x 36 inches. Queen size is a little smaller in length with the measurement being 20 inches x 30 inches and Standard one measures in 20 inches x 26 inches. These measurements are ideal for shredded memory foam to bring you the best comfortable sleep.

If you ask me about the most popular sizes, then Standard and the Queen sized are the most sold out ones. These two fits most of the people without a problem. However, if you are someone with a big shoulder and great height, then consider ordering the King size which is specifically designed for the big people. The taller people will get all the support they want for their shoulder and cervical spine with these.

But what if you have an average height and ordered a King size one? Now you are in a situation where your head doesn’t reach the edge of the pillow, causing a miss-alignment at your back. Don’t worry, though Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft is adjustable. You can customize the pillow into the shape you want, by increasing or decreasing the foam filling.

Feel and Support

if you are a back sleeper, you will need firmer and flatter support for a better alignment of your head to neck. On the other hand, if you sleep on the stomach, you will need a flat surface with little fluffiness to prevent pressure build-up in your head. Side sleeping is my own story; here we need a pillow that would provide a contouring place with proper cushioning so that we don’t have to compromise with our neck alignment. So, a pillow with an excessive loft or no loft at all would put pressure on the soft tissues at our back. As a solution, Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft provides us the ability to fix the loft as we want, by removing or adding fills to it.

If you are someone who wakes up at morning with a heavy nose then you are allergic to dust and mites that have built up in your cushion. It’s high time that you switch to this Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft which is hypoallergenic and resists buildup of any dust, mites or mold inside the pillow.

Washable and Warranty

With its machine-washable properties, you are always stress-free about washing these softies. There are memory foams which tend to break off or get clumsy in the middle after washing. But with Coop Home Goods- the pillow get back to its fluffiness and maximum loft even after you wash it with detergent. The company promises you a sustainable and durable pillow for the longest number of years, which they prove by providing you with 5 years of warranty.

To top it off, if you are unsatisfied with the pillow and want to get a full refund of your money- you can get that too! Just call or mail the company and they will do it for you. But the only condition is it has to be within the first 30 days of use.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft to help you decide whether it’s a hit or miss. So let’s go…


  • Adjustable and customizable, can alter the fluffiness by adding or reducing foam fillings.
  • Machine washable
  • Shredded memory foam, east to breath comfortably on it
  • 3 different sizes available, King, Queen and Standard
  • Hypoallergenic, dust and mite resistant
  • Soft yet supportive
  • 30 days of full money return guaranty if unsatisfied with the product
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Recommended for all types of sleepers


  • Of gassing, during the first few days, you start using it
  • Some users may find it a bit firm
  • The pillow has the tendency to get lumpy after a period of extended use.

​​So by now, I’m pretty sure you have accumulated all your thoughts regarding Coop Home Goods Pillow review. Give it a try, its affordable, adjustable and versatile- what else do you need?

77 / 100

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