If you are here looking for remedies, then, of course, you have the annoying muscle aches around your neck. All of us more or less have neck pains, and why wouldn’t that be? All of us have to stare at the monitor all day every day at work or home, for hours. Or you may be someone who doesn’t have to work that much on the monitor but still get that unbearable neck pain. Wonder why? Smartphones!

We play video games, watch YouTube tutorials, listen to music or simply chat with friends, family or loved ones. Staring at this little device, bending your neck all the time can single-handedly create neck pain. This happens because the neck muscle gets weaken for continuous bending and improper posture. Plus, the neck joints get overstretched too, which if continued for a long time, can dislocate neck joints. So, it turns out that smartphones are not that smart to keep you safe and sound.

Along with bad posture, there are other causes too that may lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain. If you have always delayed your exercise day, if you have an injury on your neck muscle or simply if you are driving for hours after hours- then these will undoubtedly create those unbearable neck pain.

Specialists say that when you have weak neck muscle and you turn your head, the joint cannot move as smoothly as it is supposed to be since it’s out of place. Our body has a protective spasm, it clenches by itself after a prolonged irregular pull of muscles or bad posture. So when it clenches, you get that instant pain in your neck or at your shoulder.

“The entire bad omen comes with a series of other bad omens”- I learned these from my own life. Here, neck pain doesn’t come alone; it also brings numbness, stiffness, headache, and difficulty while eating. The best you can cure this neck pain is with chiropractic care. However, there are also some home remedies which can bring you comfort.

But remember; don’t expect magical or instant relief from these remedies as these are good to cure patients who have milder neck pain or a headache. If you have severe neck pain, which is difficult to tolerate then it is advised that you consult your doctor immediately. Here you can follow some effective ways of home remedies for neck pain relief

Be cautious about your sleeping posture

​If you have the tendency to wake up with bad neck pain, then it’s primarily because you have a bad sleeping posture. We have to fix that first.

It is advised that you should sleep on your side or back to avoid shoulder pain. If you sleep on your stomach, then know this, you are constantly putting pressure on your shoulder to be at that position. Plus, you head to get stuck in two options, either left or right side- these also put pressure on your neck, leading to neck pain as you wake up in the morning. So maintaining a good posture while you are sleeping is a must.

Be cautious about your sleeping posture

Adequate exercises and Yoga

​Strengthening and stretching exercises work wonders on neck pains. Exercising helps to strengthen your stomach muscle, and thus it stays in its position when you are working on a computer without curving backward. In case you didn’t know, a curved stomach is one of the main reasons why your neck moves forward while you are working on a laptop or driving. To strengthen your abdominal muscles, do some bent knee curls exercises- you can see an amazing difference within a week.

Stress is another reason why our neck aches. So, figure out what stresses you, solve them and get relaxed. I know solving problems and getting stress free is not as easy as it sounds, but we should try at least.

Adequate exercises and Yoga

​Keeping on the same note, trying some relaxation yoga and meditation tremendously help to keep us relaxed and stress-free. Bharadvajasana, Marjariasana, Uttana Shishosana, Balasana, and Savasana are few of the Yoga asanas that you can try at home to get relief from neck pain.


​If you have a balanced diet, your body will be strong from inside and can prevent any pain arising from metabolic components. If you are deficient in necessary vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream, these will lead to numbness and pain in your hand, forearm, arm, neck and shoulder. So try to incorporate these vitamins in your diet, every day, for a healthy lifestyle. I have enclosed a list here to help you determine which vitamin you lack the most.

  • Magnesium: Magnesium is important to help your muscle relax and make you stress-free.
  • Vitamin C: The star in the list! This vitamin helps to increase the threshold by reducing the pain.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D aids in the growth of bone and health. A deficiency in this and you will find yourself dying in pain of joints (okay, that was an exaggerated one!).
Diet for Home Remedies for Neck Pain

​But still, get some vitamin D in your life…get some sun, it’s free!

  • Vitamin B complex: These B vitamins reduce musculoskeletal and neuropathic inflammation (the mother of all pains in a human body). So include this too, to prevent any future inflammations.


​Try doing some physical therapy at home. Do small manual stretching in the affected joints to subsidize pain. You can also do the ice packs; place a few cubes of ice in a thick towel and rub the towel on your shoulder and neck. Do it twice or thrice in a day until the pain reduces. The coldness of the ice will subsidize the soreness in your shoulder area.

Essential Oils

​Ohh, how much I love oils! – Natural, aromatic and yet effective.

Make your own concussion of healing oil – this DIY is fun and you will get that amazing satisfaction when it works! Add few drops of peppermint oil (has anti-inflammatory properties, good for treating a headache and pain), few drops of lavender oil (relaxes body and mind), few drops of basil oil (analgesic and antispasmodic, effective to reduce back pain), and 1 tablespoon of our all-time favorite olive oil (carrier oil). Use this golden liquid on your affected area, it will instantly give you a soothing effect, and work to reduce the pain slowly.

Essential Oils

​So…Yes! Keep these home remedies for neck pain in your mind if you suffer from occasional neck pains. However, if your neck pain is severe I would still suggest visiting a doctor or a physician.

Nothing is more important than your health.

Happy Living!

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