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Severe pain in your sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. Lower back pain is directly connected with this nerve. This is the largest nerve available on your body. Most of the pressure of your work time is gone through by them. When they do not get there sufficient rest than they start to behave abnormally and cause firing pain in your lower back and foot.

Well, it is not so hard to kick out this sorrow from your life. You just need to know some rules and work accordingly. I have going to share the best seven tips on how to sleep with lower back pain and sciatica. All of them are easy and pretty simple to follow. Forget the nightmare and have a sound sleep. So, let’s see…

​How to sleep with lower back pain and sciatica..!!

lower back pain and sciatica

1. Use a knee pillow to elevate your knee

Sciatica is a reason for compression on your sciatic nerve. The tension of this nerve used to go down when you raise your knee. Blood flow of the body improves, and the excess pressure of your body starts to fall. You can find different types of pillow for all types of sleeping position. You need to go with the best one for you.

Sometimes the healing process may need some time to show its original character. Don’t leave it for that reason. Give it some time to show its true potential. Make sure that when you sleep, your knee pillow does not end up on the floor in the morning. The pressure of your lumbar discs will come to balance after regular use of the knee pillow.

2. Take a shower before falling to bed

When you embrace your whole body with water, then your body starts to release endorphins. This chemical is responsible for fighting with your body pain. It can give you relief from sciatica and lower back pain. Besides, it will also relax your muscle so that you can fall into a deep night sleep without any pain at your back.

After a fresh bath, you can grab a book and read it until you fall asleep. It is not the must rule, but you can follow it because you may not fall asleep immediately after the shower. Being hygienic is healthy for many other health purposes. Try to do it regularly to make it a habit. Your bath water should be moderate; otherwise, it will be harmful more than benefits.

3. Avoid all type of caffeine and nicotine

Many natural ingredients contain caffeine. People often used to use them to stay awake at night time. Well, it may be reasonable before the exam night but not most often. Coffee beans, tea leaves, and many other different types of seeds and nuts are naturally rich in caffeine. You should stay away from them when you are suffering lower back pain or sciatica.

On the other hand, smoking is responsible for many other sleeping disorders. They used to be rich in nicotine, which is one type of toxin elements and harmful for your health. So, stay away from both caffeine and nicotine.

4. Do some warm-up exercise before sleep time

When you exercise, your body balance used to improve. Simple warm-up exercise like cycling, jumping, walking, or running can be a good one to give you relief from sciatica and lower back pain. Don’t go for a bodybuilding exercise. Just want for the ease one so that your body can take the pressure.

You can also do some regular yoga to improve your sound sleep time. Make frequent changes in your exercise routine according to your body requirement. You can visit a fitness trainer for some warm-up exercise guideline.

5. Use a firm mattress for your bed

The mattress is part and parcel of your sound sleep terms. It will hold you all night long, so it is really essential to know which one your body really needs. Soft mattress used to sink your whole body. It can imbalance your entire body and trigger sciatica or lower back pain. So, it is not an option for you.

You have to go with the firm mattress which will not float you down. It will keep your spine alignment in perfect position and ease the tension off your lower back. Make sure to hold the best deal for you.

6. Bring a comfortable pillow for your back and neck

The balance on the neck and head is essential when you stay in your bed for six to eight hours. In this period of time, you used to change your sleeping posture for many times. Your neck needs quality support at this period of time from your pillow. It should be odorless and capable of oxygen circulation.

Otherwise, stomach sleeper may feel suffocation,and their night sleep will be hampered. Make sure to bring it from a trusted company so that you can return it if anything goes wrong. Specially designed memory foam pillow can be the right choice for you.

7. Take a body massage and drink plenty of water

Sciatica and lower back pain are causing severe damage to your body tissue. The rate of tissue growth is not as fast as the damaging of the tissue. But the game can be changed by having a good tissue massage. It is very beneficial to get rid of sciatica and back pain. Besides, it is also helpful for many other health points.

Taking a massage from a professional guy is a better option rather than going with a regular one. On the other hand, keeping balance in your body fluid is also essential. You need to drink plenty of water to stay healthy and free from sciatica and lower back pain.


I have tried my top best to help you with your question “how to sleep with lower back pain and sciatica”. Still, if you can’t resist the severe pain, then you should fix some meetings with profession medical advisor. I hope my seven tips for getting relief from lower back pain and sciatica will bring some benefits for you. If you find the article helpful then don’t forget to share your valuable opinion with us. Stay updated and stay healthy.

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