It's very important to get a decent sleep. Your health and well, your whole life depends on you getting enough sleep! I know sleeping is part of the course of our everyday lives, quite literally, and like most probably live out your life without thinking too much about your sleeping habits and what not. Rings home, doesn't it?

We get to the most obvious object in question when sleep comes to mind; the pillow. You might be oblivious to it, but I cannot even begin to explain to you just how vital it is to have a good pillow.If you’re someone who has never put a thought into the pillow you are using, you are bound to have experienced some ache in the neck a few times. Relatable? Thought so! Why does this happen, you ask?

Well, the way you posit your head will impact the posture of your neck and upper back muscles. With conventional pillows, they are flat-ish and typically, that is not good for all the different elements of your upper back and neck. You’ll want your shoulders, neck, and head slightly elevated and the neck, being the more delicate part of the body, needs to be positioned in a straight and comfortable elevation for relaxed and perfect posture.

This is where this pillow comes in. The Pacific Coast Double Down Around Queen pillow provides decent support for a host of positions, including those with people facing different sides. It is filled up with a sufficient amount of feathers to where a user will feel enough substance in the pillow to where it provides a firm enough support and still has enough space left in the insides of the pillow to let the different parts of your upper body rest easy on it.

Benefits of Pacific Coast ​Down Pillow

Additionally, it comes with the option of letting you choose the softness of the pillow. Firmer pillows are better for posture and your neck and upper back but with the option of choosing according to need, you can get pillows that are firmer and bulkier when a user demands it but can also provide that soft, fluffy comfort of hotels. When you are nitpicking about pillows, you’ll want pillows that are at least as good as hotels I imagine!

They’re also very convenient to use! Right from the box, they are ready to go up on your bed without needing to fluff so you won’t have to waste time on fluffing or drying after purchase, as would usually be the case with a new pillow. The case that it comes in also lets you carry it around and let's be real, given that it is a much bigger pillow than the average ones, you are going to want to keep it around to move your pillows easier. If you are someone that moves houses now and then or are thinking of shifting to a new neighborhood in the near future, you’ll appreciate it!

The design also makes it such that the top cover of the pillow is made of a fabric named AllerRest, supposedly proven to be free of penetration from dirt and dust mites. It helps out somewhat in that the pillow inside will be cleaner and you only have to clean the outer layer. And don’t worry about washing; they’re both machine washable so even if you feel like the inner pillow needs washing, don’t hesitate to shove it into your washing machine!

Looking over at some of the advantages of this Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow Review:

  • It is the jack of all trades in the realm of pillows. Provides medium support for posture in both upright and side-facing sleeping positions and provides a mix of fullness, softness, and firmness, the latter two as per requirement, to make sure you have the perfect mix of comfort and firmness to have a good night’s sleep in relative harmony to your mental and physical being. The fact that it might not be the best option for a particular use case is only really a problem for a very select niche; people who are in desperate need of postural corrections or are super comfort freaks! It’s a pretty good compromise for both!
  • The ease of use for a special pillow is also quite a handy feature in this pillow. The fact that right out of the box, it is instantly ready for use, comes with a handy bag for carriage and the inner pillow needs no washing are all going to make usage of this pillow so much easier. Even after prolonged duration of use, it is possible to bring it back into shape with as much as a shake of the pillow. Near zero maintenance is something no user should have qualms about I hope!

Not everything in the world is sunshine and flowers and if there are any reservations I might have with this, they are:

  • It provides decent support for your posture. However, if you are someone with poor posture or have had problems with neck and backache, this might not cut it. Your necessary pillow needs to be something specific to your needs and the same may be said of comfort junkies. Jack of all trades, truly a master of none!
  • The option of choosing how soft or firm you want is not explicitly available through certain retailers. You will want to contact the retailer and specify the type of softness you desire in order to get the correct order. Not sure how this can be a problem but it is!

Final Thoughts

​All in all, as I have already mentioned, a jack of all trade will suit most people, most likely including you too, so you should be okay with this product. Even the default soft/firm setting seems to work for most people so don’t be put off by that last point too much! Do your due diligence and all but my gut tells me that you will be absolutely fine with the product.

74 / 100

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