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We all need sleep. Undoubtedly one of the few elixirs of life itself, sleep is key to help us survive, thrive and in general, be at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. And do you know what is the key component in making sure you have a good night’s sleep? The pillow, of course!

Nothing beats the snug comfort of that perfectly soft and fluffy pillow. You know, the benevolent that swallows your head and neck in and provides that heavenly comfort to the back of your head. I can feel it while I describe it to you, as we speak!

But what if I were to tell you now that there are many other considerations to make, in addition to comfort? Indeed, the choice of pillow is essential not only in helping you get some shut-eye, but it also regulates your posture in a sense. Conventional pillows are flat-ish by nature and will not adequately support the different parts of the organogram that is your very upper body. To further clarify what to truly look for in the perfect pillow for you, we’ll be closely examining the Urban Bloom Domus Pillow Review, a premium pillow designed to maximize the utility of your sleeping experience. I guess it applies to anything you do with your head on a pillow, really!

urban bloom pillow review

Specialty of urban bloom pillow review

What is so special about it? Let’s dive into it and discover why you should get this premium pillow! First of all, one of the important considerations for a good pillow is temperature. When your head is rested on a pillow for a certain duration, it might get a bit warm and uncomfortable. However, the Urban Bloom comes with several air channels for proper ventilation to make sure that the pillow receives sufficient air from the surroundings to keep it, and subsequently, you and your head, cooler. Won’t be losing your cool with this bad boy underneath your head!

The covering of the pillow is described as ‘lux-loft’ and basically, it is also a penetrable cover to allow air to breathe in and out for the pillow itself. If it’s of any concern to you, yes, the covers are washable but the pillow, made of foam, will be better off not getting soaked! I hope you knew that already! This cover is also designed with a mesh gusset in order to allow the foam to remain in the shape that is left after a night’s rest so, in a sense, it adjusts to your sleeping habit to make the sleeping experience more comfortable. AI infused pillows, is it?! If only other objects could have built-in memory like this pillow!

Quality and Manufacture

In line with its more premium price range, the product’s build quality matches the tier and is manufactured using very high-quality raw materials. The design team is headed by expert engineers, crafters and designers to make sure that the ergonomics are also met while maintaining a very solid and firm build. The manufacturer of Urban Bloom is also trying to continuously improve its technology to make further improvements in the pillow core to allow consumers to have an even more streamlined and comfortable experience. If they are true to their words, this pillow must be like putting your head on a sea of clouds. Imagine that comfort!

After you’ve come back done from the hiatus in the clouds, you’ll want to look at the probable pros and cons I’m sure! So to make your work easier, here they are. You’re welcome!

urban bloom pillow review - Quality


•    With a build and design that is geared to ensuring the maximum comfort that technology will allow at this price range, if nothing else, this pillow is likely to give you the most comfortable experience you’ve ever had with your head on a pillow. Good hotels have nice pillows and all that but you can be pretty confident that none of them will match the comfort of this pillow, which, with your decision to purchase, will be available all the time in the comforts of your own home!

•    Temperature regulation is perhaps the most unique features in a pillow. If like myself, you live in a place where summers can get really hot and uncomfy, you will be more than grateful to go to bed with a nice, cool pillow to let your head rest on. You’ll also like this if you’re hot-head!

•    For a pillow of foam and one that isn’t particularly big, the build quality means that the pillow is also a bit heavier than most pillows made of foam or of similar size. The pillow stays in place really well and won’t slide around, a common complaint of a lot of foam based pillows.


•    With the ergonomics and build focused entirely on comfort, it might not be the best for the long-term posture for a lot of people, particularly those suffering from problems related to posture or spine. Comfort is great and all and in most cases, I think this won’t even be an issue but the fact that the ergonomics were not as focused on ensuring the best posture could be a problem. Imagine getting a premium pillow just to have it hurt your neck! It’s still a good design, don’t get me wrong, but from a posture point of view, the design is found lacking to accommodate the upper back and neck perfectly. You’ll still have a comfortable night’s sleep, I’m sure!

Final Thoughts

The limited use case of posture should not deter you from this product. Most of us stay fine using our regular pillows so you should be at least, as good, if not better off from a postural standpoint with this pillow than us normies and our regular ones!  So I wouldn’t let that concern me too much. Good comfort isn’t a bad sign for posture either and the ergonomics are good enough to let you rest your neck in peace. So if you’re in the market for a pillow, take a leap, or a short hop in this case, on this pillow!

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